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Portland, OR 97211 

Tel 503.334.3536 

Cell 415.328.2751

Email: james@gardenstories.com

LCB# 9161






This design was inspired by travels to Latin America. The client, an avid travel photographer, wanted a space that reminded him of the beautiful courtyards of old Mexican pueblos. Working with designer Trish Grantham, we created a stenciled tile-like patio as the center-piece, with planting borders along the perimeter. The fences were trellised with custom steel, and vined with star jasmine. A wood and steel pergola was constructed off the back deck, and stairs were reconfigured for improved ergonomics. We cut the soil with pumice and gravel in order to culture a very specific planting palette. Voila! Bienvenido!

An authentic PNW landscape design that combines naturalistic hardscape design (basalt, river rock), with a planting style that takes inspiration from Willamette Valley ecology. This plant community consists of a perennial meadow of native grasses, perennials, and bulbs punctuated by three multi-stem Vine Maples in a semi-forested setting. The homeowners, transplants from the Southwest, now feel firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest.

A mid-century home sits behind this naturalistic planting design framed by a horizontal, contemporary-style fence. The lines of the fence are the perfect foil to the wispy brushstrokes of feather grass. This planting design was inspired by wind-swept hills, and the plant communities of the foothills of The Cascades. These plants thrive with absolutely no irrigation and no additional water (not even in the first year).