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Portland, OR 97211 

Tel 503.334.3536 

Cell 415.328.2751

Email: james@gardenstories.com

LCB# 9161

Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

The first question you may ask when considering changes to your landscape is: should I hire a designer? A very reasonable question, for if your aim is just to replace a fence or install some simple pavers then hiring a landscaper is probably fine, just like if you need to build a shed, then hiring a contractor and not an architect is probably a good bet.


If you are thinking of taking on something more complex it's probably a good idea to look into working with a professional designer. Then your next questions might be: so what would a designer help me with that a landscaper couldn't do? A good designer can take your ideas, and their expert advice and guidance, and produce a clear and coherent plan balancing function and aesthetics.

A good designer can help organize your outdoor space in pleasing proportions, harmonizing soft elements (plants) with hard ones (patios). A good designer can help bring unity and a cohesive theme to your property, or what we like to call the spirit or story of the place


We believe in the concept of "less is more" yet we love designing gardens that are rich in diversity and life. Amateur gardens are often prone to the proverbial "curse of chaos", so it's important to know when to exercise restraint and how to properly edit a space to achieve pleasing results.

Plants are tricky things, and it's easy to treat them like colors and textures, but they don't perform exactly the same way every time you plant them. It's important to work with a designer that not only has a vast knowledge of flora, but also has a lot of "real-world" gardening experience, understanding each plants proper care and culture. Our background in ecological restoration has informed our design sensibility, but most landscapes we design are not set in the wild, and so we always design with an understanding that a plan should adapt to and complement your specific site conditions.

This is why good garden design can actually save you money in the long run, by designing a landscape that is long-lasting and offering you choices that balance cost vs performance. It has the potential to also add value to your property by creating a landscape that enhances your house and making it feel larger and more connected to the property and neighborhood that you reside. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate these principles for your next project. We hope to see you soon!