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Portland, OR 97211 

Tel 503.334.3536 

Cell 415.328.2751

Email: james@gardenstories.com

LCB# 9161

Garden Care

We design all of our landscapes to meet our own rigorous requirements for performance. One of the ways that sets us apart from the field is that not only do we provide design and build services, but we also include garden evaluations post-installation to make sure your landscape is on the right track, and that all your new plants are performing well. A new landscape, unlike a new house, takes time to mature. We are committed to making sure all of our work is successful in the long-term. How else are we going to get those pretty pictures on our website?!


Furthermore if we are going to push the bar upwards in terms of design we feel there is an equal need to provide sophisticated maintenance services for our projects. So that's why we provide seasonal and quarterly maintenance services for all our new installations. Just enough to keep things on the right path.

Care Services


Garden evaluations are a good way to get your landscape back on the right track. It's important to have a professional evaluate your plants and give the appropriate prescriptions. We highly recommend using this service within a year after the new landscape has been installed.


Most woody plants will need some pruning in their lifetime. Some need very little, some need it annually. Knowing how, when, and what to prune is what most amateur gardeners are not confident with, while many landscapers are too confident. We can help demystify it all for you. 

General Plant Care

We have an immense love and knowledge of ornamental and edible gardening, and we provide services with that same kind of appreciation. We offer some generalized care services, including IPM, compost tea, annual trimming back of perennials and grasses, and much more.

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